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Data Science Is Helping Towards Sustainability. Here’s how!

    The world is changing. We are becoming more environmentally conscious, and companies are becoming more sustainable. The way we live has changed with the constant updates in technology, allowing us to look at how we can use data science to help society. For a company to be sustainable, it must consider the impact of its business on people, the environment, and the community. With data science, we can better understand these impacts so that a company can make changes accordingly. Here are some ways in which data science is helping towards sustainability.
    Data Science and Sustainability
    Data science is a scientific discipline that uses statistical methods to understand data. Data science allows us to collect information on trends, patterns, and societal changes and then use these findings to make informed decisions.
    Companies need to consider the social impact of their business practices and sustainability. With data science, companies can gather information on what is happening in society regarding their business and how people react. This allows for a better understanding of which practices need attention and which ones don’t. Additionally, with Big Data (now getting replaced with Good data), we can see the effects of our actions in real-time to act before something goes wrong.
    Managing resources and waste
    Data science is helping companies look at how they can be more efficient with resources. For example, using data science, companies can better understand their consumption of resources and make changes to reduce consumption. When looking at the impact of business on the environment, data science allows for increased conservation in terms of energy, water, and land. Data science also helps companies find new opportunities for sustainable practices such as reuse/recycling and remanufacturing products to avoid waste.
    Lessening and adjusting to climate change
    Depending on where you live, you might be aware of the effects of global warming. Climate change is a big question for many people and scientists. We study climate change through data science, which allows us to understand better how the earth will act in response to specific actions. Data science can help companies understand how they are changing their business’s impact on the environment and can help them make changes accordingly.
    This is what data science has done for Tesla Motors. With data science, Tesla was able to measure and see the impact of their production on greenhouse gas emissions in a way that they never could before. This allowed them to adjust and apply new technologies not to harm the environment as much as they once were.
    ESG reporting
    “What you can’t measure, you can’t manage” – Peter Drucker.
    As many companies are still early in their ESG journey, the first step is to understand their current state through a report. When companies consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors with data science, they can collect information about their company’s impacts on society. Companies can then use this data to decide what changes need to be made. These changes can help lessen the effects of the company on people, the environment, and society.
    Data science is an emerging field that has been used in a wide range of industries, including finance, e-commerce, government, and healthcare. With the advancement of technology and the availability of more data than ever, this field has become increasingly important and valuable to several businesses.
    With a better understanding of the issues that face our environment, businesses can create innovative solutions that help us achieve sustainability.
    Next week I will discuss the application of data science in healthcare.
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